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iECG Medical Teleterminal



→ iECG medical teleterminal is such a kind of medical terminal device, which gathers 12-lead ECG signals simultaneously, prints out the ECG waveforms with USB printer, also transports them to remote center by network for expert diagnosis, and prints out diagnostic report.
   Main Features
→ Record and display ECG waveform in Auto/Manual modes; measure the ECG waveform parameters automatically; lead-off prompt; AC/DC two power modes. Rhythm lead can be selected freely, which is convenient to observe abnormal heart rate. Case database management; transmit case by network, download and print long-distance expert diagnostic report automatically.
→ 12-lead ECG waveform print. Key-press/ touch two operation modes, convenient and quick; support current fashion wireless transmission(wireless network card, 3G card), the signal is steady, transmission rate is fast and coverage area is wide.
→ The device can be powered either by AC or DC. AC power is input by 9V/4A adaptor, and built-in lithium rechargeable battery can keep the device working continuously for 130min when WIFI is open and 160min when WIFI is close in the best DCstate, which can satisfy the need of house call or health checkup.
→ 8" color TFT with touch function and backlight adjustment function, displays ECG waveforms and work state clearly.
→ Multiform mainstreamed ECG lead modes, support Wilson standard 12 lead.
→ Perfect ECG data base management system provide tremendous convenience for doctors. Built-in large capacity memory, can store cases more than 200, convenient for case review and information statistics.
→ USB port on device can connect external printer, USB mouse, keyboard. Simultaneously for following age development, 3G USB network card and USB WIFI network card has been added, by which the device can communicate with outside, convenient for information input and output.
→ Support program upgrade by USB port or SD card. Can test lead-off.

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